Employee Relations

No                                          Module

Module 1: General Management 

1.                                           Overview of HR Management

2.                                           Basic Understanding of Leadership and Management

Module 2: Labor Law

3.                                           The must-know about Law for HRM (Public Order)

4.                                           Internal Rules and Regulations

5.                                           Union and Staff’s Representatives

6.                                           Labor Compliance

7.                                           Employment Contract and Contract in general

8.                                           Strikes and Lock-out

9.                                           Conflict Resolutions

Module 3: Writing of HR Policy and Implementation

10.                                         Introduction to Employee Engagement

11.                                         Rules of Creating Rules

12.                                         Leave Procedures (different types of leave and their rules)

13.                                         Disciplinary Procedure

14.                                         Grievance Procedure