Holistic Care Program for Children

The aim of this Competency is to provide a very important basic knowledge on how to take good care of children as a whole. We believe that in order to raise healthy, well-rounded children, the whole child must be cared for. By understanding all these vital elements, it will help to boost confidence of TAs and it will enable them to work more sufficient. The whole competency covers elements and sub-elements as below:

» Basic Mental Health of Children

• What is Mental Health?

• Basic understanding of trauma Emotional and Physical safety identification of trauma’s symptoms

• Basic early trauma intervention

» Psychological Child Development 

Stages of development

  Understanding child’s emotional needs and growth

How to communicate with children at different developmental stages

» Understanding Children’s Plays and Creativity

Understanding children’s plays and creativity

Essentials of plays and creativity for children life and learning environment

How to engage children to improve their study through plays and creativity?

» Stress Management for Children and Adults

Basic understanding of stress

Impacts and symptoms of child’s stress

How to deal with children who have behavioral problem at school

Stress coping skill for children and care givers

» Communicating with Parents : Strategies for Teachers

Avenues of Communication

One-way communication

Two-way communication

Communication through Technology

• Barrier to Communication

• Good Listening Skill

» General Health Understanding

Basic Understanding on general health issue of children

Common Children illness ( Chickenpox\ flu \ fever\ toothache\ diarrhea…etc)

Uncommon Children illness and risks to other Children’s safety

Basic Understanding on general health intervention and basic care

» Children Intellectual Care

What is intellectual care?

Basic Understanding on Children Intellectual Care

How to provide good intellectual care for children at school?

» Emergency Responses Procedures

Process and procedures to follow in case of:



Lock down

Electrical Shock

Insect/ Animal bite

Incidents/ Accidents

Political Crisis Affecting Public

» Emergency Emotional Crisis Responses

Teachers and Staff