Program 1: Teaching Assistant

Program Overview:

The program offered to Female Youth, the ones who are passionate being with Kids and adore teaching and assisting Room Teacher (English Native Speaker).

Candidates must possess positive attitude, being able to at least use the English for Classroom and able to converse in English in everyday context.

The trainees are required to pass our Entrance test (both written and oral) before being eligible into the Program.

The course is designed for 3-month length including Theory and Practical Phase.

Objectives of the Program:

1. To equip the trainees the practical skills needed to perform the job as Teaching Assistant

2. To play proactive role in placing the right candidates for the Schools as so to improve the selection process

3. To improve/develop the existing Teaching Assistants of our Clients (International Schools) the skills they need to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently

By the end of the Program, what can you expect from our Trainees?

1. They are able to offer one-on-one support specifically in the packed classroom

2. They could provide an extra set of eyes in all activities of what the kids are doing in the class

3. They could help the class teacher in implementing classroom strategies

4. They are able to help kids overcome second language difficulties

5. They could do a lot behind the scenes those include training, planning lessons, assessing, monitoring and reporting on progress

Our Curriculum: